Betfair Trader Making 100 Profit A Day

Of course it will take time to generate such Betfair profits from our Scalping and Pre Trading Course, but providing you are prepared to put the work in, then this is just another example of what is possible.

If this is your first time here – we believe in making sure you understand HOW to find value and take advantage of it. You can see our guide on how to take real value here and see how I managed to make a living ‘gambling’ when I’d never placed a bet in my life. I’ve still only been into an actual physical bookie once.

Write up:

okay just before I log off for the weekend as an email just come in from Louis right 16: 56 2018 it’s let you come in in the last couple of minutes I have this read it I’ll show you he says heist you further to my email I sent you an April I felt I had to write to show my results over the last two days I am now taking many my trades in play as you teach it and it’s made a big difference to my results I was making consistent profits anyway as you already know sending emails and now the in place an offense is increasing the level of profits I wanted to get to not bad for four months but I did practice for the first two months because I wanted to take this seriously you will see from the image of my results that I have attacked so I’m not very pleased about his going and in fact I’m saying not to have a holiday sometime in October which will be our first holiday in six years due to ill health and Finance reasons but the money I’m now making from trading is going a long way towards that which is great to hear so I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honesty and training which is refreshing I have finished for today so I took the picture on my phone once against you I will keep in touch best Louis now the image that Lewis is sent is attached to this email sort of scroll down hopefully you can see that okay let me strike 16 for June from yesterday you can see horse racing is made 203 pounds and fifty six pence since yesterday how many Americas is up okay that’s in nineteen markets I see if I can open the screenshot okay so you can see here Louis right 16th of June is training 19 markets he’s had one two losses so 17 wins out of 19 that’s a 90% success rate right there but you can see and it’s quickly evident to me that the larger profits he’s made I mean he’s took it in play to increase the profit which he states on the email itself so in two days is made 203 pounds and 56 and just looking at these races 1350 414 he’s gone from race to race picking these profits it looks like a couple of scratch trades 0.12 a slight loss there bunny 684 39 pound 3348 pound 19 etcetera soon two days made two hundred and three pound fifty six as you can see on the screenshot and Louis started four months ago as he said on the email he started practicing for the first two months and then he started to trade so what he’s done is used his practice data slowly went into the markets and you can see he’s making fantastic profits children free quit in two days you know if he did it every day that’s like hundred pound a day which obviously that’s not from a standing start he said he practiced for two months but if she argue again the practicing slowly but surely moving forward towards the financial goal you’re not going to be making this kind of money within a few days or even a few weeks of joining the course it does take time to get to this stage the video put on I think two days ago where he’s shown a 95% success rate for a member who’d been practicing a month this is what Lewis Willard on Hillier practiced and then started slowly and then moved and steadily increased its takes to get to this level of profits because he was working at Louis things there’s no reason why it’s not gonna work at high stakes it’s just in your mind you need to get past the barrier using higher stakes and it’s not difficult because you’re trading with 100 200 pounds that’s nothing compared to the other liquidity that’s in the market it doesn’t matter you start with two pounds you got to turn they got 1520 it’s all irrelevant because the market will eat them kind of stakes up and the same with one hundred and two hundred pound the highest stakes you use does affect the market boy it doesn’t really matter because on most of the races you talking like half a million quid on average at least 200 grand it’s nothing in the great scheme of things so I started lower gradually increasing then as far as your minds concerned there’s not a great leap if you go from two pounds or hundred pound stakes then he’s like wow you know fights off lights I could lose under panic lose under par by starting slowly and gradually increasing and increased new confidence as well yet increasingly competency in the market so going from two pound states or a hunter pound steak is not that much of a great leap because along the way your lab learning processes more market knowledge to content move which you can use to increase your profits and then when you throw into that makes the methodology and the advanced side where you can take the races in play you can say Lewis has made 203 pound 56 in two days and it’s just absolutely fantastic and it’s a great email for me to me before I log off for the weekend and have a few drinks watch some football for the World Cup and relax so I’ll have a great weekend guys and I’ll speak to you soon take care for now you..


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