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Amongst many things, Bet Angel also allows you to gather data and place place trades via a spreadsheet. This means you can create your own custom view of the market of even create your own automatic trading bot.

If this is your first time here – we believe in making sure you understand HOW to find value and take advantage of it. You can see our guide on how to take real value here and see how I managed to make a living ‘gambling’ when I’d never placed a bet in my life. I’ve still only been into an actual physical bookie once.

This video is a quick introduction on how to connect a spreadsheet and place trades from it. automated trading

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one of the features available within betangel is the ability to connect to a spreadsheet why would you want to do that well there’s a number of reasons you could want to create your own unique view of the market you may want to add on technical indicators that you’re interested in looking at but also you can fire bets from the spreadsheet back into the market so there’s obviously an advantage to identifying favorable situations and getting your computer to fire those bets in automatically for you but let’s show you how to connect to excel if I go into the Excel tab on betangel you can see here that it says file name if we hit browse this will bring up three of the templates that are available within that angel professional bet angel multiple is for use within Guardian this allows you to connect multiple markets at the same time to a spreadsheet and to do that you have to use our multi markets tool bet angel Guardian charting as an example spreadsheet that allows you to plot the price movements and add your own view of the market via bet angel and Excel and that’s an example spreadsheet we put in there for you and we’re going to use the spreadsheet bet angel 1 which is the default template for connecting to a market so if I double click on that and then open workbook that opens up the workbook but you can see at this stage there’s actually nothing within there and the reason for this is we haven’t connected it so let’s connect it and by connecting this populates the market with the same information that you would see on your main bet angel one click screen so you can see the information there has been transposed straight into the spreadsheet in the market and you can see there’s a load of other information in here including a countdown timer and so on once you have the template up this bet angel workbook allows you to gather all of the information into one area but also issue commands but it may be that you want to create your own view of the market so if we skip over to sheet 2 once you can see down here you know we can say okay I want the price of the first runner in this market the price of the second runner man would go for the price of the third runner as well and we can call this column price rather unsurprisingly and what we could do then is put in money the amount of money available it would either price so I’ll do that there have that there and we’ll do that there so you know let’s add up how much money is available on offer at those prices thirty six pound of that twenty percent on the the front the front runner and if I copy that formula down you can see here that we’ve got some percentage of how that money split so if we wanted to plot that you know we could go in do a nice pie chart and what will happen now is that pie chart will update dynamically because we’ve linked it to data coming from that fare via betangel so has money changes hands at the front of this market the pie chart will update automatically as that’s a proportion of money shifts around the book so you can see it’s actually quite simple to create your own particular view on the market it’s just a question of designing a spreadsheet and then sucking in the data off of the main potential spreadsheet very very simple to do but if you want to be active and do something on this market then that’s possible to do that through betting as well this area is related to information coming from the market but if you look at the spreadsheet this area with the green cells is related to issuing commands to the market from the spreadsheet and over here you have the command or the feedback that you get from the market when you place a bet into the market so if we have a look at this particular like we still got five minutes or so so the liquidity isn’t high here to fire a bet into the market you can type commands directly into here so if we type back into here it would place a back bet in the market if we type in lay you do a lay bet and so on but you obviously needs to nominate odds a mistake so you can again type in the odds manually which seems a bit pointless to be honest or you can say ok we’ll take the odds from here so at the moment we’re saying equals G g9g9 thus lg9 relates to the backwards that are currently available on Minerva Rose we’ll just put in a small stake for the moment on Minerva Rose so if I went into this market now and typed in lay bare times you will place a lay bet in the market and four and a half on Minerva Rose with five pound but that’s not very interesting he just won’t go in and click on a screen to do that so what betting gel allows you to do is we have a unique scripting language it’s available and you can see all of these functions available up here this allows you to issue more complicated commands so we can go into a market and we can make a bet conditional we can say we can use an excel come on like if to say if the money here is higher than the money there then lay else do nothing so what this is saying is if there’s more money on one side than the other place a lay bet so we make it conditional upon something occurring within the market very simple to do that a you can see we’ve placed the lay bet and it’s basically said if I paddle a boat placed on the Nerva Rose 4.9 unmatched when it reaches the market if we go into bet angel I’ll just pull this up you can see there is the lay back for us in the market so we can cancel that if you want so something that you do within Excel replicates itself within bet ng concealing their the lay command was coming off because some it was subject to the conditions who put in there but maybe we want to be a bit clever and interesting thing about this as well it should notice the status says placed to stop bet angel and via the spreadsheet firing bits left right and center the status cell has to be cleared otherwise you’d get bits going in every few milliseconds which would be a nightmare so we can be a bit clever with this command we can say something like okay if this scenario is reached leh but we can issue commands that you would place or attribute through Bettinger so we’re going to lay with an offset of 1 with a greening set that to true we also want fill or kill switched on so we do fill kill Peru and we’re going to hold the order in the market with a kill delay of 5 seconds so you can see how I’ve expanded this command to make it not any conditional upon characteristics within the market but I’ve assigned attributes to the command as well so if I now press Enter on this you’ll see betangel is watching for when this condition is met you can see it flashing on and off and this is when the commander’s met its firing or it’s issuing this text into the the betting area of the spreadsheet so what I’m gonna do now is if I clear out the status cell will let it fire the bet in it waits for the command to be initiated you can see the conditions are not being met at the moment so there’s no text coming up in this field there we go place to kill pending so we’re waiting to see if we can get that 5 pan order matched at 7.4 it has been matched and if we go into that angel now or in fact it was killed so let’s try again and see if we yeah it says down there it’s killed what a Wally how didn’t read the text properly so let’s try again see if we can get an order speculatively filled on the other side of the book so it’s pending at the moment it was killed let’s try again waiting for the kitchen conditions to be correct as soon as the condition is correct there we go that’s pending here we go it says five paddle a bet placed on manova Natalia how much with 275 one much bets was filled before the remainder of killed so you can see there it’s reported back we got filled at odds of eight point four no mount match it was 275 bet reference number at the time on which you went into the market so if we go back into potential you can see what’s happened here we fired the bet into the market it placed a lay bet some of which was matched as soon as that was matched it win and offset it and we’ve made a profit on that trade you’ve made a fifty P profit on our five pound woo but you can see that it because we used with greening it screened it all up for us as well so just by issuing a simple command into the market making a conditional upon some parameters within the market and applying some of the global settings the spreadsheet has gone in looked for a good trading opportunity traded it and we’ve made some money via the spreadsheet this is a very simple implementation of how you can use this spreadsheet obviously you can write your own VB scripts and so on the sky’s the limit really in terms of what you want to do with Excel this is just a very simple example of how to connect to the spreadsheet and how to use some of the most basic functions within it but get involved to use the spreadsheet quite simple to use but very powerful..


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