Combining William Hill’S Matched Betting Offers

Some ideas for ways in which to combine several of William Hill’s matched betting offers into a single bet for efficiency!

Video text:

hey guys Caroline here this video relates to the last two I’ve done where I’ve been talking about horse racing offers and particularly in the last one where I talked about combining offers together and again I’m with William Hill there is another promotion which they do and it’s called the scratch of the day last month they had it every single day but for this month it seems to be just on Saturdays and Sundays so this is today’s ones this is the 13th of October and it’s very nice it’s simply you bet 10 pounds on horse racing and you get a 5 pound 3 bit lovely so what I thought I would do for this is of course you can bet on any horse race so I mean odds match you here and I thought it makes sense to combine this with the other offers so I thought I’ll combine it with the two clear which for today is at Newmarket so I’ll apply that and filter it down now it means that you won’t necessarily well I think wainting it’s going to say you won’t necessarily get the best match there are some 95% matches before but here we’ve got still pretty good they’re all over 90 but what I’ll also try and do is combine this with their odds boost and also best odds guaranteed so over on the William Hill page here so this is for Newmarket this is all the races now I had already seen this particular horse on this race it’s called too darn hot running at the three o’clock and this one if we have a look at the odds at the bookie here you can see that the odds for to dine hot it’s obviously the clear favorite there’s only a few runners in this race but it’s the clear favorite so that’s a good contender for to clear for me and also on this race I’m not sure if it says somewhere but it’s what I think is one of the ones which is on ITV racing and yes it is it’s on ITV racing and it’s best odds guaranteed now I’ve already placed my bet so I can’t show you but what they did was it also allows you to boost the odds of one race per day so I picked this one here so the match initially wasn’t the best so if we have a look at this I put on ten pounds and yes an 81 P qualifying loss but I actually managed to boost this from one point eight three up to one point eight nine which reduced it down to 51 P so it’s still not brilliant I mean it’s it’s still not the best qualifying loss you can get a closer match and was usually qualifying loss but I would rather do this for several reasons one is that first of all it looks more natural it looks like the kind of race that people would bet on because it looks like a clear favorite it qualifies for the clear and it’s a good chance of it landing three it’s best odds guaranteed and four I was able to boost it so that’s a lot of combining going on there on one single bit and that’s the kind of thing that I like to do you know some people complain about much betting being time consuming and need all these offers for tiny little bits of profit which is kind of true but when you can combine sort of several things in one here and let’s not forget the purpose of this one is to get a free bit I’m get guaranteed a five pound free bet after this race or tomorrow whenever it gets granted so this is the kind of thing I love to do well just combine many things at once it’s like super efficiency which I’m all about so try and you know look out for opportunities like this where you can get more you know more benefits out of placing one single bit I hope you found the video useful and I think this is that of a today so in a couple of days time I’ll be posting the next diary video for week 7..

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