Contrary Trading Using Betfair

It sounds WRONG -Contrary Trading – going against the market BUT if you can spot when a market correction is going to happen then you can make reasonable profits.

If this is your first time here – we believe in making sure you understand HOW to find value and take advantage of it. You can see our guide on how to take real value here and see how I managed to make a living ‘gambling’ when I’d never placed a bet in my life. I’ve still only been into an actual physical bookie once.

This video tries to show you what to look for!

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oh hi there and welcome to inside track stock code at UK if you like this video then why don’t you subscribe you can get future videos when they’re published like if you would if you do like it or comment so we can get better so what I’m going to cover hopefully not too long a time is how to follow or how to decide which and when we should use different strategies for exchange betting and two strategies are either to follow up follow up money or to contrary betting and that’s just basically obviously you decide that the way the market is moving is going to change everybody has basically overdone it and you will benefit from the correction in the trap this direction of travel so um it’s all about identifying when to use either these strategies what could you were what can you look at to tell you when to do it so here’s some peppercorns nice example of a market which we could consider as being one where the market set off for this particular horse CONUS toy 11 that was yesterday evening this morning came in came in came in came down to about five and then large bet came on reason we lost picked on three thousand here and another bet came on couple of bets came on there so we can see that the market base is going to move out we think and this would be land instead of following the market and and betting it down what we’ve decided to do is to take the 5.4 odd level and decided that that is probably going to drift out now in the last few minutes before for the off we’ll see that happens a lot we as females further on and we’re just two minutes away from from the actual race and as you can see from from the chart we are seeing then that that movement out I expect that to continue we’ve made very small amounts of money I don’t really like to to Tibet’s heavily on these things when it’s happening I might just take someone out of five point nine just as a precaution just in case it just popped back in don’t think it’s going to but there you go six six is now out oh yeah in a few minutes we’ve made 184 we want to make a bit more it’s going to another six and then I’ll leave the other rate to to just see if I can make a bit more money on it after the six point two is taken which is if my team will be taken absolutely for sure just about to go now any second nope didn’t go okay just must have been right on the edge of going I see I tried a nick in a five point one there but we’ll we’ll look and see how far away we are from the off so here we are they were not not not too far away coming down 5.5 I can’t see it coming back down to to the 5.1 level it’s too much money being taken back out from people who’ve backed it at higher odds 6.2 I think it’s okay they’ll probably get it am I taking the 5.9 or something like that or I may even lay it further it at the current price but because the office here I think what we’ll do is we’ll just take you know a little profit there’s not too much so this race to go we’ve seen gonna toy is still in contention with that Warbler in the lead I don’t think connector is gonna win this I think it’s going to run outta steam but but and it does look like that to me even though it’s down at 2.4 to now it’s going out and I think that it’s a it’s really not a particularly good horse to be honest I mean if you look at this form p p 8p v a to me when I think that’s gonna have a great great chance of success but anyway Connor toy yesterday mates ACCC could win it still I mean if it off and what what falls over or something but and he’s still you know hanging on to second place you most got a loose horse running around in front of him we’ll see where the darf and what we can hold on a nice lead from dr. Warbler so yeah a Cana Tory I got out of a bit early to be honest it looked as if it was doing a bit better than I thought and he’s certainly second it’s still quite a chance to be frank they we’ll see how it goes they don’t they don’t think it’s gonna gonna win it and I don’t think it’s gonna win it either there you go there show staff a warm up beautiful actually round of jumping that’d be honest so we make me some money I’m not reading running player I’m more looking at the opportunity to see a horse that is coming in that’s in other words that’s employed chance chance of winning so 10 percents it was 2 out at 11 to walk ten to one anyway right in sister five to one as we and they just drifted back out and we just did a little bit of trading on that horse so we can make a small a small gain a relatively small gain I probably could have made a five or if I’ve been concentrating a bit more okay thanks a lot..


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