Football Inplay Trading Tool From Tradingwithdata.Com

In this video I show you the current BETA version of the Inplay tool. This shows key stats for in-play matches across 60 leagues 33 countries around the world.

If this is your first time here – we believe in making sure you understand HOW to find value and take advantage of it. You can see our guide on how to take real value here and see how I managed to make a living ‘gambling’ when I’d never placed a bet in my life. I’ve still only been into an actual physical bookie once.

Currently this tool is free however it will become a paid for tool once the beta period has expired.

So get involved now and see if this tool can improve your trading success.

The text:

so welcome to video 2 from trading with datacom and in the first video I covered the under 2.5 goal market Sentinel tool if you haven’t seen that video please do go and have a look at that go to the trading datacom website where you can actually join up and you can get a the under 2.5 Sentinel tool for free is always going to be free and it comes with a PDF strategy guide as well and obviously before we go on to this as well sports trading disclaimer sports trading is not without risk so please do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose and do start off with either paper trading or trade with the minimal stake amounts and slowly build this up over time don’t go and you know use large stakes in the market when you’re starting out so in the first video I mentioned that these tools are grouped under a name of like The Sentinel I did the idea being that these group of tools are constantly watching the market see what’s going on and video 1 explained the under 2.5 goal market Sentinel I want to show you now the in play tool as well so this is a tool that shows you matches in fact from around the world where the numerous statistics fall in play matches so think of the top my head I’ve got a bell access to over 300 leagues all around the world but really only pulling from about 70 or 80 of those because there’s not enough liquidity in some of those markets are there’s not enough money traded really to make them worth our while so I just want to show you the in play till now so if we hop across to that ok so this is the in play tool it’s still in a beta format and it probably needs some tweaking some of you may look at it and think the user interface isn’t the best I’ve kind of just died and get you know rather get something up there that’s perhaps you know not perfect rather than delay and and keep trying to tweak but it effectively shows you in descending order of how long the match has actually been in play and told you when the match started so many cell apt offers you this ones now in in extra time number of red cards that the home team is receive and number of yellow cards number of corners number of attacks dangerous attacks the shots off target the shots on target obviously the home team name and the same obviously going across for the away team so in the middle there you’ll see we’ve got that score so this particular match is won all and we’ve got our possession indicator here which is so quite a useful tool any of you that use flash scores will know that all this information is available there on flash scores but obviously you have to go into each individual maps to see you haven’t got a if you like a bird’s eye view of all the matches that are going on and like I said I probably need to improve the eye because the whole point of this is to quickly pinpoint matches where perhaps one team is dominant in possession or for instance as you can see if this FC Emmen versus Fire Lord the number of attacks a 159 versus 86 they vote 81 dangerous attack so and they’ve got yeah 64% of the possession so you can look at a max like this and think okay that could be a good chance for another Gold firing order currently for one up at the 90 million miles probably a bit too late for any more goals but as you can see the whole point is is just to kind of pinpoint opportunities so here’s one here 79 minutes it’s actually fairly even much but number four attacks a 103 so that’s effectively the the in play tool so at the moment it’s gonna be an open beta this tool will be a paid full service at some point but for now obviously keen to get it in the hands of users so the beta during that beta period it will be available for free and I’ll be taking feedback if there’s something that you think you don’t like about the user interface it doesn’t make it clear so that we can improve it so that’s effect be the employee tool so like in the first video I’m always open to receiving requests feedback criticisms even if there’s something that you’re not sure or not clear off then do please drop me a line obviously the email address there GK at trading with datacom and I’ll obviously endeavor to respond to all emails..


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