Matched Betting Diary #1 – 48.46 Profit!

Today I officially got started with matched betting by completing two welcome offers. I ended the day at 48.46 in profit so very pleased with that! This video shows exactly what I did.

If this is your first time here – we believe in making sure you understand HOW to find value and take advantage of it. You can see our guide on how to take real value here and see how I managed to make a living ‘gambling’ when I’d never placed a bet in my life. I’ve still only been into an actual physical bookie once.

Video text:

hi guys Caroline here this is going to be the first of my diary videos and I apologize in advance it might be a bit crap because this is the first time I’ve done any of this stuff and it’s all a bit confusing to me so what you’re looking at right now is a William Hill page so this is the first book II that I have signed up for to get their welcome offer now if I come back over to this page in ods monkey they’ve got a whole bunch of training videos for all the new account offers and they have one for the four William Hill and this is what the offer is so if you bet ten pounds and it’s a bit which meets their terms and conditions then they’ll give you three Lots of ten pound bits and they credit there immediately as soon as you have put down your qualifying bits so whatta monkey have got a video on it and sort of a written breakdown as well and so I followed that it is very easy to follow so that was good so I come back to the William Hill page here down the bottom the first one here is my initial qualifying bit so I’m betting on the menu vs tottenham game which is tonight so this is Sunday 27th of August 2018 and there’s a couple of things to note actually one thing that I did was even though it’s a bet ten get 33 because William Hill are one of the bigger bookies one of the things I want to do to try to avoid getting gapped is if I have the money available to open the account with a bigger deposit than is necessary so I actually opened it up with fifty pounds and for my qualifying bit I actually put down a stake of twenty and not ten now I knew that I wouldn’t actually lose very much money on that because without a monkey you get to use this tool like the odds the odds mature and this allows you to have a look at all these different numbers in that I’m not going to try and explain how all of this works but I’ll just show you an example of so let’s say here the same match here but let’s say you were betting on Tottenham to win you click the info button and it’s going to bring up a calculator and you put down your stake so in my case yes I bet 20 pounds there it’s a normal bit it shows you how much you need to lay at the betting exchange and you can see here that you lose 59 P so the difference between building 10 pounds or 20 pounds in terms of my loss it is negligible you see that’s why I put down 20 pounds but when you once you’ve laid Soria I shouldn’t say lei once you’ve placed that bit I immediately got my three free bits and more ideas I used them all straight away on the same match so this is still Man U vs tottenham but this time I’ve chosen a different selection and that is for menu to win two to one now have a look at the difference in odds here my qualifying bit has got odds of two point six which is why the loss is very low but my free bets I’ve got much higher odds at 11 what it means that my potential profit is much higher but hopefully it won’t look suspicious because I’m betting on the same match and I’m basically bitten on the same outcome first of all I’ve said right I think menu is gonna win and then I’ve placed more bets as though I still think menu is going to win but it’s going to be a 2 1 so I’ve just kind of been a bit more precise about it let me come back to this odds match sure and see if we can find something similar well here it is man u vs tottenham two to one and yeah this was the this was the actual one but there’s a couple of things that you change in this calculator when it’s your free bit you select this option instead and this time I put down thirty pounds because I was betting on all three at once sorry it keeps moving around it’s because I’ve got the screen squished for the purposes of the video so here if we look at this one thing I did have to do was put a lot of money in mice markets account I needed almost three I know it’s down here my liability to 74 I needed almost three hundred pounds on the betting exchange to be able to effectively lay it but the profit here should be guaranteed as being over 25 pounds so I will find out later on tonight if it actually works now another thing I did actually was am in William Hill I then played around with their casino and they had like 25 P spins and I thought I’ll just put a few on and I’m my third one I won over a quit nine didn’t like 60 P in profit so I just stopped there and I thought I put my first 60 P profit so yeah so I’ll leave it there for now and then I’m gonna come back and show you what has actually happened after the game was finished and then we’ll see if this really works and whether or not I really do earn money it’s a little bit nerve wracking right now because I’ve had to put a lot of money I’ve had to put hundreds of pounds in this market and I’ve put 50 quid into William Hill all of that just to hopefully win 25 so we’ll see you later so after placing the William Hill and bet earlier on this morning I’ve decided to do another welcome offer this afternoon this time coral and what I’ve done is I have bet on the same match but for a different outcome so I’m still betting on tonight’s man new vs tottenham match but this time I’m betting for a draw now coral has a very very similar structure to offer to William Hill it was I think it was bet 10 pounds and then you get a 20 pound free bit so it’s not quite as much as a William Hill one but it’s still pretty good and so I used a similar strategy I am I put 30 pounds deposit into the account and I always it bet five I think it might have been a requirement to bet five year and I actually bit ten that’s for it so this here is my qualifying bet of 10 pounds so for many vs tottenham to end in a draw odds are three point four there and then I immediately got my four free bets of five pound each so I placed all four of them on the same but this time I did it more specifically so a draw with a score of 1 1 and you can see the odds are a bit higher there at 6 pounds 50 so it’s the same kind of strategy I use is the William Hill one and why I have done it so there okay let me just show you something else if I flick over to here no not this one this is mice markets account so this is where I am laying the bet so you can see so these are the ones I did earlier on batting backing laying against menu to win and then menu to win 2 1 and then against the draw and against the draw of 1: 1 so one of these bits has got to lose they can’t both win you know and if if Tottenham was to win the match then they both lose and that’s what I want I would prefer to lose the bet at the bookie and to win here in the exchange because if I win at the bookie you know if I win over here in coral what does it say estimated returns like 32 pounds 50 if I was to win all of these if it is a draw and it ends in 1 1 then 1 that’s like a hundred and fifty quid there which would be great well it’s not actually because of course I lose whatever that liability is in the exchange but it means I’ve got 150 quid tied up in the bookie account and not in my in mice markets account over here you see I want the money here so that I can continue to lay back a bits for other offers now if I come over to the odds monkey profit tracker this is showing me that I should have 40 pounds so this kind of shows it a little bit easier actually it did on my biggest I’m just going to expand this out and see if you can see it any better there sort of okay so these are the four matches that I’ve bet are so first of all with William Hill so this one the qualifying bit I should lose 40 P and I should profit 25 pound 61 and then on coral I should lose 29 p on the qualifying bit and I should win or I should profit rather 14 pounds 58 so these are the profits that I should get regardless of the outcome minimum profits and at the bottom here is a 60 P the one on that casino earlier on so the tick means that it’s settled so I actually won the sixty P but this isn’t settled yet because the match hasn’t played we’re currently soon actually it’s off by 7 at the moment so I think the kickoff is at 8 so I’ll check it you know around 10 o’clock or something see who’s won and I’ll record again to see what the actual outcome is but if this is all correct and if this stuff works then I should be in line to make 40 quid today which would be awesome so the the football match has finished and I have indeed won money and actually more than I expected and I figured I figured out I made a mistake so this screen just confused the hell out of me it’s taking me a while to kind of figure out what it all means so this balance here six hundred and seventy nine to five per foot that can’t be right because I I started off the day at six hundred I thought I can’t have 170 quid because it is only predicted to be 40 but I haven’t because there is this thing here called exposure which I don’t really know what it means but what I’ve figured out now is that you have to take the exposure value off of the balance and so if I get my calculator I’ve already done it yeah so my actual balance available balance is 648 46 which means 148 pounds 46 which is really cool is it’s supposed to be 40 so where did the extra eight pounds come from this the Commission with markets they usually charge a two percent commission fee and on the odds Monkey by doing that over here see there where are my tools odds not sure so on here I have about my filters bit anyway on the odds match at all it defaults to two percent commission and that’s what all the calculations are based on but odds monkey are actually running a promotion and when you sign up to smoke it’s through them you actually get zero percent commission all the way through till 2019 and so what I should have done is gone into the odds monkey thing and I should have changed the Commission from two percent down to zero so that’s made a big difference from 40 pounds to 48 but you know this is great I mean I started off today I put 600 pounds in here and I was a bit nervous about that but now I’ve ended up with 670 is 22 so which was close the calculator now but yeah 648 something so that’s a really good day so this obviously works so I’m going to leave the video here the ones I do in the future I’m not going to be as long because this has been a bit long because I’ve been going through in detail every single thing I’m doing or trying to figure it all out myself so I will make the other ones a bit shorter but yeah I’m very pleased 48 pounds today for not a lot and that was just two of the welcome offers admittedly too lucrative ones but there we go so yeah this F works..


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  • Hi thank you for your videos they are very helpful, I started matched betting last week and I use a website called “Team Profit” they have very good guides on welcome and reload offers. Thought you might want to check them out.

  • is it recommended to actually use the free bets on really high odds, just like you did where you predicted the 2-1 win with odds of 11+?
    Isn’t it kinda suspicious to the bookie?

  • Hi thanks for the videos, when you signed up to the cash back sites did you end up getting the free bets also, I’ve heard different reports on this? 🙂