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These are all the items we use when conducting our business on eBay + Amazon. If you purchase any of the items from this link below then we get a tiny amount of money. 100% of this money is reinvested into these videos. All the items listed below are the products we ourselves use and have been doing for a very long time, we would not list any items we didnt approve of. 🙂

If this is your first time here – we believe in making sure you understand HOW to find value and take advantage of it. You can see our guide on how to take real value here and see how I managed to make a living ‘gambling’ when I’d never placed a bet in my life. I’ve still only been into an actual physical bookie once.

If you would like our advice as to any other products not listed here feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

Write up:

hi guys i am carol small father it’s all hi guys hi I’m Kara Harrison I run a blog over at the mini millionaire comm and today I’m gonna be talking about how back in 2016 I’m at 20,000 pound in tax free cash from match betting now I made a video two years ago now my first ever video on much betting and basically explained the process and at that time I admit eleven thousand pound just over in fact and I’ll link that original video down in the description but I wanted to come back to you two years on and I’ve made a couple more much betting video since and just recap what I originally spoke about I’ve gained a lot confidence on the camera in two years I’ve made a lot of videos so I think I can perhaps explain things a little better than maybe I did two years ago I’ve also got a lot more experience in the match betting field I’ve had two more years much betting and I can basically speak about that and that is what I’m gonna do in today’s video so if you guys are up for that click that like button if you new here click that subscribe button and yeah let’s talk match betting so you’ve probably heard of much betting beat for it’s it’s gained popularity its gained momentum over the past sort of five years now and I picked up on it back in about January 2016 and I started it and I had a rocky start and I basically did the sign up offers and I’d already got some bookmaker accounts and and I just didn’t think it was for me and couple them like couple weeks passed basically I was on a far room and people were saying how they were making like 500 pound a month tax free cash from this matched betting and I was like how are they doing that and and I’ve just tried and I can’t I can’t do it basically what I can’t make that kind of money it’s from these real offers they make no sense and so that was like go back read through all the information again and actually pour it right into action and I did that and that’s how I came out with twenty thousand pound in tax free cash by December so what is much betting well much betting is where we take the free bets the promotion’s that bookmakers give us and take the money out of them bookmakers want us to join their website they want to join their sites and in the hope of us doing that they offer us promotion’s they’re the most popular ones anyway basically you love seeing them it’s like spend 30 pound and get 30 pound in free bets 50 pound in free bets 10 pound in free bets and basically what we are doing as much betters is going on to that website we’re spending the 30 but spending it in a sneaky way and then we are getting the free bets but in that in a sneaky way and taking that or a percentage of that as our profit so let me explain a little bit further you’ve got two things here you’ve got the bookmakers and you’ve got an exchange bookmakers are what you traditionally nerve you got there to place bets exchangers are totally different and you’re betting against other better these kind of complicated and you kind of don’t need to know but basically that is where you’re going to do what we call lay off your bet so you’re gonna go and let’s say place a 30 pound qualifier bet over on William Hill to get your free bet you’re gonna place it on Man Man City to win a football match against Liverpool on the exchange you’re gonna bet against 30 pounds worth of bets and there’s a calculator that I will link down below that will explain exactly how much and you’re basically gonna say I bet 30 pound that this team is gonna lose Manchester City is gonna lose so you’ve got 30 pound unable to win 30 pound on them to lose and whatever the outcome you’re gonna basically get the same amount of money you’re gonna not win and not lose you’re gonna lose a small percentage based on Commission but it’s it’s not negligible hey that’s a new word and yeah it’s negligible and then you’re gonna trigger your free bet and sometimes these free bets take they got like come through instantly sometimes 24 48 hours and then maybe you’ll get like 30 pound in free bets now in order to transfer that free bet into real money real money that you can cash now into your bank account you’re gonna need to spend so you’re gonna bet again and let’s say this time you bet on lead United to lose and no because you’ll bet on to lose your bet enough to win so you bet on lead United to win over on the exchange you bit on my legion ater to lose again it’s the same amount you’ll lose a small percentage based on commission but you’ll neither win nor lose however because that money is free you’ve made the profit there then what profits in the free amount of money and you basically rinse and repeat that there are currently hundreds of bookmakers out there right now and there are new ones opening up every single day so you can basically go through this with every single bookmaker there is on the market now this all sounds really complicated I’ve made it sound really complicated I realize that and that’s why I use a service and you’re probably thinking of service vehicles Monica and it’s true a service does equal money however when you’re in in 20 grand in the space of a year you willing to spend like seventeen ninety nine a month on a service that you know makes it so it’s possible mix it so you reduce your errors make it so you actually understand what’s going on and a service that explains to you every single offer that’s available across the board right now because this comes as like a numbers game I personally could not physically go onto every single website in one day and do all their offers and understand whether they’re worth doing and the calculations behind it so these guys at profit accumulator which is the service type I choose to use I’ve got a team of people you all go on to the websites every single day and find out the new one the best offers how to process them how good they are and whether or not we’re likely to make any money out of them that serves me making any risky bets and going wrong anywhere so yeah I pissed $17.99 for that service there is another common service known as ODS monkey I have made a video comparing the two and I’ll link that down in the description below but yeah I use property accumulator there’s a forum on there so if you get stuck or anything you can get advice from people the same got spots monkey basically like spoiler alerts my it’s my own video we basically found out they’re pretty much the same they offer the same service it’s just up to you as to user into this you prefer and yeah rinse and repeat I mean I know we’ve just had like the World Cup and the Winter Olympics and great things like that however there is never a better time to start much betting is it the Champions League that’s just I’m not really that into football aside from making money out of it three bookmakers but yeah I think it’s a Champions League that’s just started and there’s never a better time to start match betting and you can mix some tax free cash you don’t if you can’t tell I have no background in spark no background in like placing bets and stuff but I managed to make this money if you’re knew what making accounts on bookmakers then I suggest hitting up top cashback oh my gosh are quicker all of which I’ll leave a link to in the description they offer signup bonuses as well so what they’ll offer sometimes is like sign up and deposit 20 quid and we’ll give you 20 quid cashback just make sure that if you do do that you don’t cross over the promotion sometimes I’ll also let you take advantage of the free bets sometimes the one again I will link to all my articles I have about 10 15 articles down in the description I also have a Facebook group dedicated to much betting people who I’ve helped notice I think so there’s about 700 of them now I think last time I checked and on average they’re making about a thousand pound per month in fact some of them over even mid 5,000 pound this past month so yeah there’s some real money to be made in this and I hope you take advantage of it and if you’ve got any questions leave them down in the comments below in the meantime have fun betting bye for now..


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