Taking Real Value (None of This Tipster Shit) or: How I (Someone Who Never Placed a Bet In His Life) Make a Living ‘Gambling’

Have you noticed the difference between Bet Edge and most of these ‘tipster’ sites?

Well, aside from the fact we’re not full of shit.

And we don’t sell anything at all. You know those sites which tell you they make millions and then try and sell you this millionaire system or whatever for $50?

Think about it. Does that *really* make sense?

You’ll notice we’re not plastered in adverts and banners from bookmakers. And it’s not because we don’t want that sweet, sweet advertising money.

It’s because they don’t want people who know how to talk value. They want idiot punters who might get lucky here and there but keep giving them money.

If you learn nothing else from everything we have here remember this:

Making actual profit from bookies, casinos and ‘gambling’ in general isn’t about predicting who’s going to win or insider information (trust me that random guy on a Facebook page doesn’t have any – but he does have adverts for bookies).

It’s about finding an edge.

It’s doing the exact same as bookmakers and casino’s do. We don’t care about the wins and losses as long as we’re taking value consistently then we know our estimated value (EV) is going up and we’re making a profit.

Wins and losses but overall if your *estimated value* is improving you’ll always be making a profit regardless of who wins.

And you don’t need to be some math wiz to do it. You certainly don’t need any sports knowledge. But you do need to avoid all the bullshit.

So who am I?

Three years ago I’d never placed a bet. In fact, my family has some bad history with gambling.

I know nothing about popular betting sports like football and horse racing. One involves a ball and I could barely tell you which.

And my friend Tom calls me up.

He was all excited. Telling me about this gambling thing he was doing and he quit his shitty job (he was always complaining about his job).

Sure, Tom. Whatever. A gambling ‘system’. I tuned out for a while, barely paying attention.

A week later he calls me back. He has a couple of grand he wants to put into a website. Wait… what? I love Tom. But I know Tom. He doesn’t have a couple of grand to put into anything.

Maybe I tuned out too soon.

As soon as he said it involved gambling I’d instantly assumed it was some BS about predicting who was going to win. But it’s really just playing bookies at their own game.

Their traders and game designers have one job. Make sure they are taking long-term value from the players. Even a few percent (although it’s often much higher) and they’ll make money from us in the long run.

And there are so many ways to do it.

It partly depends on where you live. How much you want to get into it.

I didn’t mean to go so far into the rabbit hole. At first, I was just curious but fast forward two months I was making more on a Saturday morning than I was for the rest of the week. So I quit my job.

Fast forward a little more and I spend my time traveling the world on the bookmakers dime.

I build custom tools, develop strategies and run Bet Edge TV. For the most part, I sleep in late and work for an hour or two in the nearest coffee shop with a decent playlist.

And I’m not going to try and sell you some course or software. Because I make a lot more from my strategies than I would by selling them to other people. If I gave away that edge then there’s less value I can take from my strategies.

However, I will show you how you can do what I do. And it won’t cost you a thing. That’s the point in Bet Edge TV.

Some people have asked if I run the site because of my family’s history with gambling. Or because I have a grudge against bookmakers.

Truth is (other than the donations to the podcast and the rare adverts I do run) I do it because there’s so much value you can take in different places that it doesn’t cost me anything and the Bet Edge community has worked together to develop some cool strategies which I use almost daily.

So are you new to this?

Firstly I need to hammer this home.

You’re not going to find anyone able to tell you how to pick a horse, a team, lottery numbers or a slot machine guaranteed to win.

If you don’t believe me (I’ve heard people say oh there *must* be a way) then this site might not be for you. Our strategies are based in reality.

Got that? Good.

What we are looking for are situations where bookmakers, casinos and sports traders have left themselves exposed to value. Whether they’ve done it intentionally or not.

And the outcome doesn’t matter.

I rarely check the results of the bets I place because it’s about the long game. Every time I place a bet I know I’ve taken value in the long term and the short term doesn’t matter. The massive wins don’t matter. A series of losses doesn’t matter.

Depending on the strategy I’m using sometimes I know exactly how much money I’ve made while I’m placing the bet regardless of the result because I’ve covered every result.

And this is important. If you get emotionally invested in the result or the team you start to make emotional decisions rather than strategic decisions. If you’re into sports you can still root for your team – just don’t blow your bankroll on it.

So where do you start?

Well if you’re from the UK scroll a little further down the page – you guys have an edge nobody else can take and should absolutely be taking advantage of it. You guys have it the easiest.

Americans – The Zcode

Zcode has been around for years and it’s a perfect way to get started. For beginners just wanting to dip their toe in you can follow along with their bets (this isn’t tipster rubbish these guys are traders with transparent profits) and they have a ton of tools and training to help you develop your own strategies.

You can see it here.

I do suggest starting with the bigger sports like football to start with. Anything with more money in the market but that’s entirely up to you. Their training covers all this, we have supplementary videos here on Bet Edge and you can always contact us with questions.

In the UK  – Matched Betting

For the Brits you can also use Zcode but you have a unique advantage which you should absolutely take advantage of first. This is exactly what Tom originally showed me.

I won’t go too much into matched betting (we do have a bunch of videos on it on Bed Edge already) but it’s the easiest way to take money from bookies and casinos and it isn’t available like this in any other country.

Rather than just finding an edge with their pricing (although they cover that too) matched betting allows you to take advantage of their promotional efforts in the UK making easy money every single week. I’ve been doing this one for years.

You can get a £1 trial here (which is enough to make a few hundred quid before the trial ends – you’ll see what I mean)