Trading The Morning Stock Action: Dis, Nflx, Trip, Htz & More In Play

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good morning everyone welcome to pre market news and views when the money stocks today is August 9th 2017 my name is next time Tiago thank you all for tuning into this morning all right looking at this market we have the sp500 emini futures trading lower by 8 a quarter points to twenty four sixty four and three quarters per contract all in all the futures were a little bit lower they were down over 10 points but they have started to bounce back up so we’ll see how today plays out all in all the markets yesterday sold off a little bit in a late day sell off in the North Korea a conflict scare out by the white house but we’ll see how today plays out right now futures are a bit lower ahead of the opening bell looking at stocks in the news that’s where we’re going to focus try to make some money we’re going to start the day off with a big one here at Disney Disney right now trading at 101 26 stock closed at 106 98 good good sell off there right off the bat we’re going to have gap levels for this one posted up in the intraday stock chat room so if you have not done so come on over take that 7 day free trial to the intraday stock chat we’re having a great 2017 we are going to have Disney earnings Disney gap levels posted up this morning right at 9 a. m. now with Disney they did make comments they’re going to pull that content from Netflix on Netflix is also and play this morning stock is getting a little bit of a sell off closed at 170 836 now trading at 170 169 so Netflix under a little bit of pressure again nothing major here but we see some nice gaps that could be in play today right around this level here around 162 or so so keep that on the radar and we’ll look at Netflix once the opening bell but right now I am eyeing that gap on Netflix this morning we’ll see if does come into play and again right around 160 two and a quarter that should be a decent level there for Netflix today also keep on the radar move down to around 156 and then ultimately 155 all Netflix levels this morning take a look at Priceline PL pcl n is the ticker symbol their stock is getting hammered this morning so close yesterday at 20 49 a 2049 dollars take a look at this morning trading all the way at nineteen hundred and seventeen dollars a share Priceline getting whacked I am going to have a mathematical level ready for Priceline this morning so again it’s going to be a little bit of a higher risk play but if my math is correct should bear us some fruit so Priceline will be in play this morning let’s take a look at TR IP which is Trip. Advisor stock is getting hit a bit today close it 39 55 now trading at 37 briefly got below 36 this will be in play today we’ll look at this one once the opening bell rings let’s take a look at the Zillow Group zg is the ticker symbol here stock is trading at 43 50 closed at 47 75 this is a pretty good haircut I’ll be watching the 42 dollar level maybe forty two and a quarter also 37 dollars and seventy five cents would be a good level for Zillow group remember this is a light volume name and what I mean by that is it rarely trades a million shares on average three to four hundred thousand a day let’s take a look here at MNS T which is monster monster this morning trading at 50 103 closed at 52 63 so we’re not going to make much out of that let’s take a look at Hertz global htz is a ticker symbol air stock is trading at 14 90 closed at 14 28 briefly sold off yesterday came back right now it’s hanging in there with a positive gain so again nothing really to do this morning as far as Hertz is concerned but it will be on our radar and we’ll keep it we’ll keep looking at it and see if it does make a move let’s take a look at a retailer here F o SL which is fossil fossil getting hammered this morning stock closed at $11.84 trading at nine dollars and eight cents that is a major haircut I don’t see any support here till around the 850 860 level so be careful with this name let’s take a look at Milan my L is a ticker symbol here Milan closed at 31 dollars and 79 cents this is now trading at 2997 briefly got two all the way down to 28 50 I think I might have a gap level for Milan yes I am going to have gap levels for Milan so again we’ll look at that at 9: 00 a. m: this morning let’s take a look at one more here Go. Daddy gdd gdd why is the ticker symbol stock right now is trading at 43 50 no real conviction in here closed at 42 45 so we’re going to leave Go. Daddy alone there’s not much to do there but we will be looking at this one once the opening bell rings this morning so again we have lots and lots of stocks out here take a look at nuance and uan nuance communications trading at fifteen dollars and 76 cents looks like I’m going to have some gap levels for this one I’ll post those up in the intraday stock chatroom as well a lot of support here around the 15.9 65 cent level so far but it’s a breakthrough there I’m going to have another gap level ready for us in nuance so again lots of stocks moving lots of movers and shakers we’ll see how this market plays out today all right let’s go over to the gold market gold is trading up 18 points today gold right now trading at twelve hundred and eighty dollars an ounce this is the fair trade so GLD on the move trading at one twenty one sixteen I think we’re into a lot of resistance up here around the 120 140 level so again be a little bit on the cautious side gold making a big big move but this is all on the back of the North Korean Conflict news and if we get any kind of take backward any kind of talking back the conflict I think gold could pull back as well so just be aware of that but right now gold is on the move crude oil today trading higher by 40 cents so crude catching a nice little bid at $49.50 a barrel if you take a look at the USO which is a good oil ETF you’ll see is trading at 10.15 10 it closed at 1006 so reflecting a nice uptick in crude oil gold is up and again we’ll see how this market plays out we have lots of comments coming out lots of geopolitical events lots of stocks in the news here with earnings so it should make for a wild wild morning we get volatility we usually get lots of trade action with that being said everybody I’m going to leave it here short and sweet I want to wish you all a great trading session once again if you have not done so come on over take that 7 day free trial to the intraday stock chat room we’re having a great 2017 we’re going to look to keep that going right into the end of the year so get ready for the second half it’s going to be a big one with that being said everybody have a great great day we will see you on the charts ..

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