The biggest disaster for the bookies which I know of happened in 1996 when I was working for a bookmaker. It was an amazing event which was awful for the bookmakers but truly fantastic for many punters.

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Frankie Dettori was a popular Italian jockey, well known for his likeable (despite being an Arsenal fan), cheeky character.

Each year, there are several days of horse racing in England at a course called Ascot. There are some important races and all of the top trainers and jockeys attend.

Frankie won the first race, then the second. His third ride managed to pip the well-fancied favourite to the post. The bookmakers were starting to get nervous. The horse racing experts would probably not have backed all of these four horses to win but Frankie’s fame among the Saturday morning, small-time punters always guaranteed that the “grannies” and armchair racing fans (of which there were many) liked to bet on his mounts.

Bookmakers like to encourage these small-time gamblers to do what they call multiple-bets. These involve backing several horses with small stakes with several different combinations and accumulators. If horse A wins, the winnings are put onto horse B to win. Horse B wins and the accumulative winnings go onto horse C to win and so on. Bookies love these bets as the chances of the punters winning big are tiny. The chances of the bookies getting most of the stake back are much larger.

When Frankie’s fifth ride came in, the small-time Frankie backers already had nice winnings guaranteed. After his sixth horse won, they were looking at very good winnings indeed.

At this point, bookies were going crazy with panic. They were already facing massive payouts.

When you place a bet, you can ask for the odds at the time of placing the bet. Fujiyama Crest, Frankie’s seventh mount in a seven race card was 11/1 in the morning with the firm I worked for. None of them expected the horse to win, but still, to be sure that they didn’t lose too much, the odds were cut to 2/1. Punters, however, were more optimistic and started betting on Fujiyama Crest to win. The bookies secretly laughed at the mugs betting on this relative outsider at such short odds.

And then, a few minutes later, the inevitable happened: Fujiyama hit the front of the field and scraped home by a neck to win.

Frankie had done the impossible: he became the only jockey to have ever won all 7 races on a 7 race card. Our big bosses were probably weeping at their desks but for those of us who witnessed this in the shops it was an amazing experience. The “mug” punters had won huge amounts while seeing horse racing history being made.

I must admit to being very happy to be giving the pensioners and “clueless” punters large cheques and big bundles of cash the following Monday. It made a change from paying the serious, miserable big time gamblers their winnings. The grannies coming in that day were incredulous and unbelievably happy. The bookies had suffered terribly but it was nice to watch them suffer for once, even though I was working for them.

My company lost around 8 million due to Frankie’s feat, the British bookmaking industry as a whole about30 million.

And just what were the odds?

The cumulative odds at the end of the race based on the odds the horses finished at were over 25,000/1. However, remember how I wrote that it’s possible to take the odds at the time of placing the bet? Anyone who had done this (and there were many who did) won around 236,000 for a 1 accumulator.

What a day!

27 Frankie Dettori’s Magnificent Seven

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